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Traditional and Black Tea Blends
Flavored Black Tea Blends
Decaf Black Tea
Oolong Tea
Traditional Green Tea
Decaf Green Tea
Flavored Green Tea
White Tea
Herbals and Tisanes


Traditional & Black Tea Blends

English Breakfast
A brisk full-bodied, bright, coppery, wonderful morning tea

Taste of Blarney

A full-bodied blend of Assam and Ceylon Black Tea

Russian Caravan
China black blended with smoky Lapsang Souchong, a hint of bergamot adds depth

Empire Earl Gray
A simple, classic Earl Grey. Darjeeling base blend infused with bergamot

Vanilla Earl Grey
A traditional Earl Grey infused with bergamot taken to the next level with the addition of vanilla

Assam GFOP Dirial
Grown in Northeast India, full-bodied with a malty flavor, great anytime tea

Darjeeling GFOP Dirial
Fresh, crisp flavor, known as "The Queen of Teas"

Decaf Black Teas

Decaf Ceylon
A very “round” and satisfying taste, great afternoon tea

Decaf Earl Grey with Blue Flowers
Earl Grey with elegant notes of bergamot and lavender flowers

Decaf Taste of Blarney
Hearty blend of Assam and Ceylon teas

Traditional Green Teas

Young Hyson
Traditional Sencha, with a clean taste

A beautiful mix of green & white
A perfect balance of tea and floral tones

Decaf Green Tea

Decaf Sencha

A classic Sencha
with the caffeine removed





Flavored Black Tea Blends

Blue Moon
A tropical blend of passion fruit, grapefruit, orange & grenadine with blue flowers

Caramel Chai
Sweet taste and aroma of caramel with cinnamon and cloves

A black tea with chocolate flavoring and peppermint leaves

Chocolate Raspberry
A blend of black teas infused with chocolate and rounded out with the addition of raspberry

Crème Brulee
The perfect combination of caramel and black tea

High SocieTea Blend
A wonderful blend of black tea infused with chocolate and pomegranate.

Lady Diana
A rich black tea with a hint of citrus and grenadine

New Orleans Vanilla Bourbon
A Ceylon blend with pure real vanilla bourbon pieces

Orange Cranberry
A full bodied black tea infused with orange and notes of cranberry

Mango Madness
A black blend infused with pieces of dried mango

Peach Apricot
Mellow peaches with deep, full flavored apricots

Royal Wedding
Traditional black tea infused with pieces of kiwi, mango, raspberries and strawberries

Tibetan Tiger
An exotic blend of black tea infused with caramel, chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla

Vanilla Pomegranate
Ceylon tea infused with pomegranate and real vanilla pieces

Vanilla Raspberry
A blend of black tea infused with vanilla and rounded with the addition of raspberry





Oolong Tea

Formosa oolong
A much oxidized oolong from the Island of Formosa (now Taiwan). Smooth and slightly sweet, toasty flavor

Goddess of Mercy
Chinese name "Ti Kuan Yin"

Grown in the province of Fujian in Mainland China. Ambrosial, fragrant oolong

Rooibos Teas
Origin is from South Africa.  These teas

are created from the leaves of the Redbush
and Honeybush Trees.  They are naturally
caffeine free, and high in anti-oxidants.

African Autumn
From the redbush, we have added bits of
cranberry and orange pieces

Caramel Apple
From the leaves of the honeybush, infused with caramel and apple bits

Carrot Cake
This is a combination of honeybush infused with dried carrots, raisins & cinnamon

Redbush leaves are infused with berries,
mango, and sunflower petals

Lemon Soufflé
This rooibos from the honeybush is infused with lemon peel, blue flowers and
marigold petals

This rooibos is blended with Almonds and almond flavorings.  Tastes just like a Rainbow cookie

Red Velvet
Chocolate is infused with this rooibos.  Dessert in a cup

Redbush leaves mixed with linden flowers, lemon and rose petals







Flavored Green Teas

A traditional green tea with sunflower petals infused with peach

Blueberry Crumb Cake

Blending of green with some black tea,
infused with dried blueberries and cinnamon spices

Bonsai Berry
Japanese Sencha tea blended
with sweet freeze dried
pieces of strawberry

Glitzy Momma
Green tea blend infused with pear and peach

Island Green
Sencha tea blended with pieces of coconut and pineapple

White Teas

Brides Blend
Mutan white tea with pink
rosebuds, vanilla and
a hint of lemon

Pai Mu Tan
Chinese tea with a Slightly pale

color with fresh aroma & smooth
velvety taste

Passionfruit & Pear
White tea infused with passionfruit and bits of pear

Pomegranate & Ginger
A blend of fresh ginger infused with pomegranate

Herbals and Tisanes

Egyptian Chamomile
Finest Egyptian flower heads

A simple blend of sweet and sharp.  A combination of ginger root and licorice.  Wonderful on a cold winter night.

A tropical fruit paradise
of apples, pineapple, rosehips,
orange peels, and a hint of vanilla

A blend of lemongrass and dried lemon peel make this a light and soothing tea

Mother Bouquet
Chamomile flowers, rosebuds,
cornflowers and orange peel,
infused with citrus flavor

A great smelling and crisp tasting
tisane made from Oregon
peppermint leaves

A mixture of lemon verbena, mint,
Egyptian chamomile,
blood orange blend of fruits with
dried rose petals



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High SocieTea House
20 Old Newark Pompton Turnpike
Wayne, NJ 07470
973-696-8327 (teas)

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